VR Wheelchair Labyrinth

Updated on July 3, 2018 in  [S] Works in progress
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7 on September 27, 2017

Hello everyone,

I just came here to thank Brackeys for the very effective tutorial videos, which shows new tricks very quick and well explained. So thank you very much!

But I also want to show you something I am just working on:


VR Wheelchair Labyrinth

These pictures are not very great at the moment, but perhaps you know in which direction it will go.

It will be a subtile “horror” game in VR in which you can only move within your wheelchair. So the player can’t run easily away from scary things. But there will be no “jump scares”, just good environmental scary elements which will be controlled by an AI then. The AI will analyse whats scary the player the most and act accordingly.

Scary elements can be some creepy sound effects in the distance or directly behind you a whispering, little shiny dust which will be whirled up by something, schemes that walk trough in the distance or just play with the lights, etc. You probably know the drill.

The labyrinth itself is procedural generated and some of them will be handcrafted as well. Last but not the least, the goal is to escape from the labyrinth and reach the bright shiny exit, like “walking into the light, after death”.


If you have some ideas in mind for it and want to share it, you are very welcome to do so.

Some other projects I finished, which has to do all with AI of course, can be found here:


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0 on September 28, 2017

That’s an example how the procedural labyrinth can look like:

The red lines shows the way, which the player took. Here these lines are straight because I just moved the player in the Unity editor.

So at the end the player can see how the labyrinth he just solved looked like and which way he had chosen.

The AudioSources in this picture are following the player, but each one in a different way:

  • always behind the player
  • circles around the player
  • moves directly to the player

That will create different types of hearing directions from where the spooky sounds come from.

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0 on September 29, 2017

And that’s an example how it will look if you try to escape the labyrinth by controlling the wheelchair as expected:

Also how the exit can look like:

I will give it a more flashy, shiny white light so that it will shine a bit into the labyrinth.


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0 on October 3, 2017

Now I had added my own created model for the wheel of the wheelchair:

And also created a shower of blood and a cookie for the headlight, but because the screenshot is so dark, you can’t see it very good:

Last but not the least, I added my first monster which will “walk” through the labyrinth and tries to find the player. The first monster is a Ghostcloud which can walk through walls if the player is not nearby, because I don’t want to jumpscare him/her. It makes electric sounds while walking and if it finds the player it will play a “thunder-like” sound, so that the player knows the monster is seeing him/her and also a little bit more dramatic music plays.


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0 on October 25, 2017

It’s been a while I posted something, but I was working on it still further.

I had now added some atmospheric sounds and music and also some scary sound effects.  Moreover, I created multiple styles for the labyrinth, which will be selected randomly by script:

Red Brick Style:

Concret Style:

Stone Style:

Wooden Style:


I also implemented multpile scary elements e.g.:

Chains which will rattle:

Blood runs down a wall:

And also something which shouldn’t be missing in any “horror” game, PUPPETS:

The puppets will gain a random skin and face and will rotate their head towards the player if he/she comes closer and can whispering at a random chance. If the player comes to close, they will explode in pieces with no gravity and in a few seconds the parts will fly down to the ground and shatter in pieces.


And a lot of things more, which I will not show you, because I still need some surprises to scare you 😀


I also created a non-VR mode, so that gamers who has no VR-headset can also play the game. But without VR it is less intensive for obvious reasons.



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0 on July 3, 2018

Download a first functionality version here: http://oldforum.brackeys.com/thread/downloadable-vr-wheelchair-labyrinth/


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