My Game Dev Journey and New Game

Updated on February 16, 2019 in  [S] Finalized projects
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0 on February 16, 2019


I CREATED MY FIRST VIDEO GAME IN 2017. Since then, the idea of creating games was always in back of my mind. after my first game i created 3 more games, all of those games just didn’t progress well even one of my game called “Planet Destruction” was featured by google in indie highlights and it was at #3 in trending but it just did not do well because user retention was too low. after that i created 4 unfinished games because they were not promising. I totally gave up that time, but i had this thought in my my mind ” it’s okay to let it go, don’t worry its’s was just a test you can do better just go for another one and keep moving”. so after one month i started looking for some ideas for on what the game should be based upon and then recently i created a game called “The PopCorn” in 3 months. to be honest it’s not that easy game development takes so much time and efforts. I took this project too serious and worked hard because after 4 unfinished games and 4 not that successful games i didn’t wanted this to happen again. nowdays it’s completely hard for an indie developer to get success through their games because game industry is huge and massive there are like around more than million games unnoticeable on stores and only AAA game company’s are achieving success because they have huge finance for promoting their games, developers like me can’t afford marketing on huge budget or have low budget for marketing. at the end all i want to say i would feel really appreciated and greatful if you try out my new game called “The PopCorn”. It’s available for android on Google play store for just Rupees 15 or $0.99. It’s worth trying so just give it a try you will definately enjoy it, and if you don’t like the game at all just reply me or mail me i will use valuable feedback in future updates to improve the game and its standard, also i believe i can create or develop more better games because of your feedbacks. thanks a lot if you read everything, i appreciate your time.
link to the game –
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Thank you!! 

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