Like Hearthstone type games? We’re looking for testers for a similar style game!

Updated on July 10, 2017 in  [S] Works in progress
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0 on July 10, 2017

Hey all!
So for the last 2+ months, I’ve been working full time for a client developing his game, and I’m really excited to say that we now have a released version which needs testing!
It’s a Collectible Card Game (Like Hearthstone mixed with Magic: The Gathering) that’s primarily based on a Turn-Based RPG style of play.
It’s still technically being called an alpha release, because it’s still in early stages of development, but we can’t test out ALL 450+ cards, and effects on our own, while we continue development! So we’re opening it up to the public!
Check out the screenshots HERE
Download and play the game from Gamejolt on your PC or Mac 
We greatly appreciate any and all feedback. The best place to report feedback/bugs/suggestions would be the alpha feedback post on the Fated Flux: Deck Duelers facebook page.
A huge thank you to anyone who tries out the game and helps make it better for everyone!

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