I want develop games and am looking for a PC to replace my macbook pro.

Updated on October 28, 2018 in [A] Modeling
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0 on October 28, 2018

Im looking to build my own PC and im looking for the parts that if I had enough money to I would possibly want to look for a more exspensive version of it. For example if I have all my parts picked out but not bought yet but I still have like 100 dollars what part would I want to consider upgrading for a better unity experience. I still know that the unity experience will be most likely good if all required specs are met but lookng for that top notch experience. Also, if I get a monster game development PC is it possible for it to be a mid to high end gaming PC as well? Sorry if I didnt explain well I couldnt figure out how to ask this question. Thanks for your time.

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