Downloadable: VR Wheelchair Labyrinth

Updated on July 4, 2018 in  [S] Works in progress
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1 on July 3, 2018

Hello community,

it’s been a long time since the last update, which you can check here:

Now we have a very first functionalty test version for you. This means the game is far away from the finished state, but we are making progress.





The game is playable for Windows and should also be playable for Mac and Linux.

You can play it in VR with a HTC Vive and the movement controller or with mouse/keyboard or gamepad. The game is also playable non-VR, but then you can’t interact with the objects yet.




  • hold both menu buttons for three seconds to reset your position to the wheelchair
  • you can change the left and right hand if both movement controllers are very close to each other
  • wheelchair controls has two modes: First, grab the wheels directly (exhausting with time). Second, press the touchpad to let the wheels rotate.
  • grab by holding the trigger button


What is in there:

  • only the main room which will be used as the main menu; so we want to avoid any UI
  • the player and wheelchair model
  • some objects to interact with (brick, glow stick, chains, signage, lever), but only in VR-mode until now
  • a little buddy of me, so don’t get scared of him


What can you test for us (voluntary):

  • Does the game works with an Occulus Rift?
  • Does the game starts on a Mac or Linux OS?
  • Is the wheelchair movement in VR with movement controller fumbling or okay?
  • Is the control with mouse/keyboard or gamepad fumbling or okay?
  • Does the interactale objects behave realistic?
  • Is anything strange happening? (glitch, bad performance,…)


Any kind of feedback or ideas are welcome. Thanks!

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0 on July 4, 2018

We also created an page here:



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