2 days into a 7 day game jam. WIP

Updated on March 3, 2017 in  [S] Works in progress
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1 on February 22, 2017

Hey all! So, I’m currently working on a game for the Music Video (Game) Jam found here.

I’m pretty happy with the progress I’ve made over two days, and am about a quarter of the way “Done” (does a developer ever truly feel like they are finished?) with my entry.

I just thought I’d share a video preview of what I have so far for anyone interested to see what I’m working on.

Background: A Music Video (Game) is basically an interactive music video for the player.
Rules: The game must start and stop when the music does, and the only sound in the game is by the song. All visual assets used in game must be made during the game jam.

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0 on March 3, 2017

Hey all. I finally finished my game for the game jam. 

I didn’t make the deadline. I got about 90% complete when the deadline came and went (I was so mad!) and didn’t touch it again until today. I completed it enough to wish I could have submitted its current build state.

Check it out over on GameJolt here if you wish to download and play it!

I may get around to improving the experience in a couple of months down the road, we’ll see.

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