Forum Guidelines

Following the¬†guidelines stated below makes the forum more enjoyable for everyone. + it makes my life easier, yay! ūüôā


When posting, select the right category for your thread:

 GreenDot General: For announcements and threads which are not related to any specific software or topic.

 PurpleDot Answers: For ALL your question posts, remember to select the correct subcategory.

 LightgrayDot Unity: For threads related to the Unity Engine (questions should still be posted in the Answers category).

¬†BlueDot Discussions: For debating topics which¬†doesn’t belong under any of the other categories.

 YellowDot Showcase: For sharing your work with the community and getting feedback.

 DarkblueDot Collaboration: For teaming up with others developers.

 LightblueDot Resources: For posting useful resources (assets, tutorials, software, etc.)

 LightgrayDot Tutorial Ideas: For suggestions about future tutorial topics.

Be specific when posting:

Using proper wording and describing the subject in relevant detail is the key to getting people interested in your thread. That way you can get responses faster.

Create accurate thread titles:

This way you can get more people to visit your thread and it also helps to maintain a clean forum.

Create only one thread per question:

You are able to edit your post, so if you do not receive an answer, revisit your post and see if you can do more to describe the problem accurately. Also remember that not all the users are online at the same time so it might take a little while before you receive an answer.

If you are searching answers to a code-related problem, make sure to follow these guidelines:

РInclude the code where the problem arises. Not the entire script, just the portion needed to understand the matter at hand.
–¬†Include error messages, if any.
– Correctly format your code using code tags¬†which are located at the top of the topic text editor. It looks like this: ‚Äú< >‚ÄĚ.
РLet us know what language you are using. Most experienced coders will be able to tell, but sometimes it can make a world of difference.

Search thoroughly before posting:

Use the search field to look for relevant search terms before posting or creating a new thread to see if your topic has already been covered.

Other than that make sure to:

PlusSign Help other users in need.

PlusSign Use code tags for your code.

PlusSign Add relevant pictures to your thread.

PlusSign Check that the links in your post are working.

PlusSign Be nice.


And please DO NOT:

MinusSign Post spam of any kind.

MinusSign¬†Include¬†words such as¬†“URGENT” or IMPORTANT” in your title.

MinusSign Use ALL CAPS in your post to catch attention.

MinusSign Abuse or discriminate other users.

MinusSign Create off topic threads.

MinusSign Post content that violates copyright.

MinusSign Post replies that stray away from the subject of a given thread.

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